Friday, October 05, 2007

Living in Yesterday

Today I was watching the morning news when Beaver and Wally Cleaver were guests. Wow, I remember watching these guys on TV when I was little, man they are old! I loved to watch Beaver get into trouble. What made the show fun was watching an era, even before my time, when it appeared there was nothing but innocence. No bad words, no stealing, no bad tempers, no car chases and no moms working outside the home. Kids obeyed their parents and the parents never had to say “I love you.”

Tomorrow night I am going to my high school reunion. I have been out of high school for 30 years! It was so long ago. I am sure that some would look back at the 70’s as a time of innocence too. But like the 50’s when Leave it to Beaver was on TV, it was not as innocent as we might like to think. We were involved in much of the same sin issues our students in high school face today.

There are many that love the past. If the had their way they would be still living in the past. Some were the jocks or the cheerleaders in high school and those were their glory days (great Bruce Springsteen song!). For some those days were the highlights of their life. Nothing great has happened since high school. They might not even have something to look forward to.

We cannot live our lives in the past. We have moved on, forward if you will and the past is past. Nothing we can do will ever change the past. We do have control of our todays and we can be involved in our tomorrows, but what about our yesterdays?

Is today only a reflection of our yesterday?

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