Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letters of Recommendation

On my resume I have a section that list references from a group of people who will stand up for my character and for my work ethic. Most all employers will do some background check to see if you are a good worker or to check on your moral character. These references can be college professors, coworkers, bosses and associates. It is good to have an extensive reference list.

It is said by some that Peter holds the keys to heaven. As you approach the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter is there standing guard, he is like the bouncer for Heaven. He will interview you to see what you have done with your life, “Were you a good person?” He will also check to see if your name is recorded into the Book of Life which will grant you admission into Heaven. Now I am not a big advocate of this type of theology. But let us assume that we need to have references to get “in,” who would be on your reference list?

Some of the problems of recommendation letters are they puff us up. We can create an extensive list with numerous references. These references can be the big hitters of the faith: Christian writers and musicians, success pastors, world leaders and other recognizable names. But is that what gets us into heaven?

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3 that what is written on our hearts matters to God, nothing else. In the Old Testament the Law was written on stone and men could not live up the standard. Because of this death was the result. Christ’s covenant with us becomes a heart matter, it is something we are and what we are becoming. And because of this covenant we have life. We do not need to prove ourselves through letters, but rather we are recognized by our heart.

What is written on your heart?

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