Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Journal Entry #8

I have been blessed with an amazing group of young people that want to hang out with me. Their ages range from junior high students to college aged. I have been away from working with students these past three months but with the daily interaction I have with them you would think I was still their youth pastor.

Today I was able to do some counseling for a couple going through a crisis in their lives. I went to a going away party for two brothers: one is going into the army and the other is going away to college. Tonight a dozen others came by the house for pizza, a board game and some deep theological discussions; they finally left at 1:30am. Tomorrow I start again with an 8am breakfast.

I do not know why this is but I enjoy it. My wife Monica says that it keeps me young. She seems to think that God gave me some superpower that allows me to suck out some of the youthfulness of these young people and allow me to feel young too. I look in the mirror though and there is no difference, I am still old and gray. I guess this is not a superpower we will see on the TV show Heroes.

Through this blessing I have heard many of the frustrations that these young people feel about church. They love the community (church) they are a part of but there is an uneasiness about the way things are being done. Young people want the messages to go deep, they are tired of a watered down message. Everyone knows it is church so it is ok to talk about Jesus. Consistent messages about family and finances bore them.

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