Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quaker Meadow Job Opportunities

Summer is approaching quickly and many of you may want to work at an amazing place: Quaker Meadow. Applications for employment are at the Quaker Meadow web site

The Quaker Meadow Staff is an integral part of the mission of QM- to “win and train youth and adults for Christ”. All applicants should know that we have extremely high standards for moral integrity, for a willingness to humbly serve and for a positive attitude. Hours are long and the work is hard, but the benefits are eternal and a summer on staff can be life changing (and very fun too!).

Applications will be available for the 2008 summer staff after January 15. Application deadline is March 15. We plan to have our staff in place by early April. All Leadership applicants must be able to complete the core 10 weeks of summer without leaving camp (June 14 - August 16). We will consider Support Team applicant arrival and departure times on a case by case basis.

It would be great to see many of you working with me this summer at camp!


dancebarefoot said...


wow it was amazing to see you today! it's been a while and i'd love to catch up...e-mail me :) (i think you can from my google profile)


dancebarefoot said...


wow it was fantastically awesome to see you today...sorry i didn't get much chance to talk but email me! i think you can find it on my blogger profile :)