Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lost Thoughts and Predictions

Thursday I was watching Lost with a bunch of my closest and weirdest friends. It was an amazing episode.

We discover that somehow Kate is pretending to be the mom of Claire's baby, Aaron. What happened to Claire? Is she dead or did she give the baby to Kate to get Aaron off the island? How are the writers going to explain the missing 9 months of pregnancy? And why doesn't Jack want to see his nephew? Does he know?

Another thing about Jack and his family: I think his papa is alive and well. I predict he will be one of the Oceanic 6. I do not know how they will explain a corpse coming back to life.

It appears that it is time for another Dharma food supply drop. The make shift shelves for the survivors os running low, thankfully there is a ship offshore that is coming to save them. I loved the Dharma boxed wine; nothing says class than boxed wine! I wonder where you can buy this stuff.

Why did John Locke kill the chicken if they were out of eggs?

How did Kate end up with such a sweet house? I think Kate steals the 3.2 million dollars that Miles wants from Ben. I don't think it is all settlement money from Oceanic Airlines. Or maybe Hurley gives her some new numbers for the lottery.

Speaking of Miles I think I figured something out. I think he is related to a mysterious character that has been on the island, sort of. His name is Dr. Edgar Halowax. What do you think?

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