Thursday, December 27, 2007

Journal Entry #4

Last night we lit some candles that we have in our fireplace to create a mood for the evening. Thankfully living in Southern California we do not have a need to use our fireplace very often, it rarely gets cold enough to light a fire for warmth. Thinking about candles and the light that come from them, it is also great that we do not have a dependency on them for our only source of light. But not that many years ago an open flame was the only source of light for the world.

We now have candles on our dinner table to create a nice relaxing mood for a meal. We have the candles in the fireplace that help settle us and add an atmosphere of warmth without actually adding heat. In our bathrooms we have fragrant candles for obvious reasons. And in our bedroom we have had candles to help build a romantic feel.

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