Thursday, January 03, 2008

Journal Entry #10

This is my last posting for Barclay Press' Daily Journal. It is has been an exciting and sometimes frustrating time of writing. Many times I have had so much to say and little time or space to convey every thought I have had. Other days I would sit at my desk and look at the blank canvas of Word and have absolutely nothing to say. I know for many of my friends that may sound unusual! I hope that you have enjoyed reading my musings as well as my rants.

I continue to ponder what 2008 has in store for me. Last year ended with the opportunity for me to explore and look for a new vocation. I was able to travel and visit many friends. The Northern California churches want me to consider planting a church in their area. A local church in my area was actively pursuing me to help them with their youth program. I was able to travel to Mid-America and visit some Friends there; who knows maybe someday that will be home (my daughter and son-in-law live in Oklahoma).

Currently I have landed a job working for Quaker Meadow Christian Camp in the Sequoias of Central California. I love camp and I am very excited to be working in this new position, I am their Director of Advancement. I have seen so many lives changed through the workings of the Holy Spirit at camp, including my own. It is through my camp experience as a camp counselor that I heard God call me to be a youth pastor. That was over ten years ago.

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