Saturday, February 25, 2012

Influenced by God, influenced by others? Part 1

Recently on Facebook the author Margaret Feinberg posed this question, “Does God influence your relationship with others or do others influence your relationship with God?”

It has been permeating my thoughts ever since I read the question over a month ago. I do not have the answer, maybe just more questions, or maybe just chaotic attempts at an answer. But when I consider “Why would the Creator of the world want to hang out with me?” I am filled with questions and chaotic attempts at an answer.

I am a very relational person. I love people! As I was growing up most of my teachers would comment on my report card that Rick loves to make friends. If there were 4 R’s in education (Reading wRiting, aRithmetic and Relationships) I would have gotten an “A” in relationships.

A year ago I took the Strength’s Finder Assessment test. This test helps determine the attributes and strengths of individuals in leadership. My top 5 strengths are Input, Connectedness, Positivity, Woo and Activator.

Here are some thoughts from the assessment regarding my strengths:

Input: You probably converse with others in your field about ideas, theories, or concepts to gather the latest thinking.

Connectedness: Because of your strengths, you might want people to seek your company or crave your friendship.

Positivity: Driven by your talents, you often find yourself bringing people into your circle of acquaintances, friends, or family.

Woo: Few things delight you as much as hearing a stranger say, “I really like you — and I’ve just met you!”

Activator: Because of your strengths, you generate enthusiasm so people become as eager as you are to transform an idea into something tangible.

As you can see from the list my leadership style is based around relationships, quality relationships that take others point of view into consideration. Relationships that encourages and trusts. And relationships that are fun and exciting. With relationships like this how can one not influence others in all aspects of their life and faith.

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