Monday, March 21, 2011

One Rule

This past weekend I was at Saddleback Church to hear about health and proper eating habits. The church is on a year mission to promote this healthy lifestyle. As a church planter, I am always interested in what local churches, big and small, are doing to be significant to their community. As a store manager of a health food grocery store, I am always interested in what groups are doing to promote healthy living.

But it is an odd combination, Western Christianity and holistic living. Maybe i will post more on this topic in the future.

A comment was made that hit me as an affirmation. People feel welcome when they can help themselves to anything in your refrigerator.

Monica and I have opened up our home weekly for many years now to many groups of people. Years ago we had two groups of junior high students that would meet weekly at our home. Monday nights was guys’ Bible study and Tuesday nights was girls’ Bible study.

I ran the guys’ night. It was a night filled with popcorn (each guy would get one bag), soda, a movie and study. It is still one of my greatest memories. 20 guys, 20 bags or popcorn (my microwave would glow after popping that many bags!), 60 cans of soda, Monte Python and the Bible!

One rule: help yourself to anything in the fridge.

After I went to another church, guys’ and girls’ Bible study was handed off to the new pastors to run at their own homes or at church. But many of the students that were a part of that great memory were now in high school or college and still wanted to hang out. So we created a Tuesday night gathering. Tuesdays for many years was Pizza Night. It was a simple night of pizza (5 large!), soda and conversation.

One rule: help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Many of the conversations around the dinner table seemed to center on their faith, community, God and their unhappiness with the church. As the students graduated from high school, many quit going to church. For some the gathering at our home became church. So we started a church.

The original groups of guys and girls that attended Monday and Tuesday Bible Studies are in college or nearing graduation. Many are connected to the church plant and show up when they can. Life is busy! But one thing they know when they come and hang out at our home is there is one rule: help yourself to anything in the fridge.

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