Saturday, September 04, 2010

Random Thought

Today on my way home from work I heard an interesting story on the news, divorce rates have decreased because of the bad economy. I quickly did a Google search and saw many articles stating similar claims. But I was wondering why?

Is it because the economic conditions are so bad that seperating would be too expensive living apart?

Would it be better to suffer together than to suffer alone?

And if the couple endures this economic hardship together, is there a greater hope for a restored marriage?

And if all this is true, what happens when the economy returns to its former state? Will divorce rates increase to its former rates?

Isn't it funny that when people face hardships and struggles they are quick to cry out to God? There is a willingness to restore our relationship with God when we realize that we can't make it by ourselves. Maybe it is the same with our relationships with one another. We need each other and we need God.

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