Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lent 2009

Lent started this past Wednesday and as in years past I was contemplating what I should “give up” as I prepared my heart for Easter. In the past I have given up coffee, soda and even TV for the entire period of Lent. These items had a grip on me and it was good to acknowledge the grip they had on me, the problem was I focused on the grip and not on Jesus. As soon as Easter came I was quick to jump back into my old ways, I still drink coffee to excess. I still watch too much TV, is DVR of the devil? So this year I decided to approach Lent from a different angle.

This year for Lent I wanted to give things up but not so radically that I miss the focus: the death and resurrection of Jesus. So my plan is as follows.

During Lent I will be reading through the Gospels. Do you know that more is written in the Gospels about the resurrection of Jesus than His birth? Bible Gateway has a great reading plan that I am using.

On Tuesdays I am fasting. I am not a fan of fasting but I hoping to do some quality research on the benefits of fasting and focusing that day on how God supplies my daily needs. This day will also be a day devoted to a more intense prayer time.

Fridays I am not eating meat of any kind except fish. Now that may sound simple but think of all the ways that meat pops up in your daily life. Last night I enjoyed a grilled swordfish!

I will keep you updated on how I am progressing and what I am learning in the process. I am excited to see how God communicates this Lent. But maybe even more, I am excited to see how well I hear God this Lenten season. What are some things you doing or giving up for Lent?


michelle.quaker said...

For Lent, I've given up things. Last year, I added something. For 40 days, I wrote down something God said to me that day--through His creation, through His words, through the Holy Spirit. This year, something a little more traditional: on Tuesdays I'll eat no packaged food (can we call that food?), but only food from God's hand. I'm hoping to delight again in a raw hazlenut, a leaf of Spring Crisp lettuce, a slice of cucumber.

Rick Ellis said...

That is awesome Michelle! I cannot wait to hear how God draws you closer to Him through the things are you doing.

I messed up yesterday (Friday), it was supposed to be my meat free day, only fish allowed. I confess that I accidentally ate a burger for lunch. I totally forgot! But God's grace is big and I ate swordfish for dinner. The Tuesday Fast is killing me.