Friday, December 12, 2008

Books I am Reading

Lately I have had some free time to read, being unemployed affords you the time to read. It is funny that I heard on the news last night that more and more people are re-discovering the library. I know as my own economic situation worsens I will be buying less books and checking out more books from the library. APU Grad library here I come!

I just wanted to share what books I currently have been actively reading

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson. This is an amazing story of a former mountain climber’s compassion for people. By accident he got lost on the trail down a mountain and ended up in a village here he warmly received and nourished. While spending time with the villagers he sees the need for education in this community, especially among the girls. So his story involves building schools in a country, Pakistan, where many would stay clear of.

The Wounded Healer by Henri M. Nouwen. This book is rocking me! I was encouraged to read it as I continue to deal with my own personal and spiritual healing. As I am reading through this book, which has now become my morning devotional, I see insight into our world today through the eyes of the writer written over 35 years ago.

Reimaging Church by Frank Viola. I am about half way through this book but it is getting increasingly harder and harder to read. I will finish it! The author believes that the church structure, including the building, has been lost through time. The first century church should be the model of the church today as we build community. I do not discount the home church model but wonder if we that model is the predominant choice. Is it too late? But what can we pull from the first century church and incorporate into our “traditional” churches today?

Planting Missional Churches: Planting a Church That’s Biblically Sound and Reaching People in Culture by Ed Stetzer. I have just started reading this book and I am very excited about it. It is a “how to” book but it is so much more, Stetzer discusses the need for church plants and why we should plant churches. Stetzer identifies problems in the church and gives solutions. Financial support, discipleship, denominational influences and other issues are all explored. I am looking forward to reading through this book.

As we are exploring the possibility of starting a church I am also revisiting some of my seminary books. Two of these books on my desk right now are:

The Open Church: How to Bring Back the Exciting Life of the First Century Church by James H. Ruiz

Shaped by God’s Heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches by Milfred Minatrea

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EMS said...

Hi Rick

Reimaging Church - hmm - you may be interested in Breaking the Mould of Christendom by David Clark - (sorry cannot figure out how to direct link it!!)written from British perspective but I would think just as relevant elsewhere.Has interesting ideas for developing church in community more - and easy to read. Sad thing is that so many intellectualise these things and very few actually Do!

As for Henri Nouwen - indeed a wonderful spiritual writer and Wounded healer one of his best.