Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Women in Leadership?

One of my favorite authors is Margaret Feinberg. last year I read her book "Organic God" and fell in love with the words she wrote. I strongly recommend it, I am looking forward to reading her latest book, "The Sacred Echo."

Margaret lives in Alaska and has given some insight on Sarah Palin from her Facebook page. It is probably because of this insight that she was asked to be interviewed on CNN along with Rev. Voddie Baucham. The interview turned to the role of women in leadership in the church. Watch this video and tell me your thoughts.

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WES ELLIS said...

Margaret did well but I think that she chose too problematic a text to use in an argument with a staunch conservative. Ephesians 5 needs more context than is given in the single chapter and it is arguable weather Paul provides us with that context at all. I tend to think that Ephesians 5 is one of those chapters where Paul sounds like he's saying one thing but flips it on us (see also Romans 2 through the beginning of Romans 2). Christ's giving himself up for the church also included his making himself lower than the church, washing their feet and empowering them to do his work (giving them the keys). Jesus gave the church his own authority and thus Paul presents a paradox in Ephesians 5. I wish Feinberg would have exposed the paradox of Ephesians 5 rather than playing into Voddie's hand with it.

Neither of them were being honest with the text. They both proof-texted. But I know that Margaret wasn't there to exegete she was there to comment on church and culture and in that she did well.