Friday, April 18, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

I am excited! Lost is back next Thursday night! I have been enjoying my Thursday nights watching Lost with a group of friends. It is fun to watch others reactions to the twists that each episode brings. Thank God for DVR! We can rewind to see if we missed something, especially when the group screams.

The next episode is called "The Shape of Things to Come." Great title! But I found out it the name of an H.G. Wells book. And you know how the writers love to use books in the plot lines. This novel was based around the prophetic dreams of a doctor that come true. In the novel these visions were written down in 1930 and the book later found in 2010. Kinda like a flash back!

Guess I have some time to do some more research on this book and maybe find the movie.

I can't wait!!!!!!!


WES ELLIS said...

You like Lost way too much. I think it might be idolatrous.

Rick Ellis said...

I think my problem may even run deeper. Too much time on my hands! I think I should continue my education, maybe work on getting credentialed because being a teacher is sych a secure job today! That is a whole other rant!

Anyways Lost is amazing and I am enjoying the creativity and the thought that goes into the shows. this isn't some lame ____ production that ends with a happy, feel good ending!

And yes! I love it a lot!

rant complete!