Thursday, January 05, 2006


On Friday night, January 13, West Community Friends Church has been given the rich honor of hosting Generation.

What is Generation?

Generation is a collective group of Christian High School and Middle School students worshiping Christ together. There is no one demoninational representation at Generation. Just students sharing, enjoying and loving each other and Jesus.

On this night we will enjoying a time of worship to start the evening. After that we will be watching Invisible Children. If you do not know about this organization you should see their movie. You can also get information at They are sending someone out to answer the students questions. I have viewed this movie, and I know the students will have tons to ask.

I am so thankful for the group of youth pastors in the Corona, Norco and Riverside area that are willing to bring their students to this night. I will post pictures and thoughts on this night.

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