Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This morning I went outside to get the morning paper to see quite a commotion going on outside. In front of my home was an unfamiliar car. There seemed to be many people passing by my home. But then I noticed that there were many children in these groups of people. All of these children sharply dressed.

It is kind of funny, I feel bad that I forgot what day it was. Many parents consider today a holiday, even though it is not on the calendar. For many years I too would dress my daughters in their best clothes for this special day. But this year is different. This year none of my children were going to be experiencing this type of first day of school. All of my children have graduated from high school. Currently one of my daughters is attending college to earn her nursing degree.

This year I didn't have to rush over to Mervyn's to buy pretty dresses and matching socks. This year I didn't have to rush off to Staples to buy backpacks, notebooks and pencils. This year I didn't need to rush to Vons to buy lunch stuff.

In a way I don't miss it. I am excited to see what happens next. Many things have been happening in my life and my family's life this year. Some of these things are exciting and some of these things suck. I have made some life long friendships and I have broken relationships. I have gotten to marry couples and I have watched couples break apart. I have laughed this summer and I have cried more than I ever have this summer.

But I look forward to where God is leading me. There seems to always be a new adventure.

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